Dr. Mark Revenaugh is the owner of Northwest Equine Performance in Mulino, Oregon a veterinary practice dedicated exclusively to equine performance issues, lameness and diagnostic imaging. The clinic was founded in 2002 and quickly grew into one of the premier equine sports medicine practices in the Western United States, reflecting Dr. Revenaugh’ s investment in advanced technologies, imaging modalities, and leading-edge therapies. He is renowned in the diagnosis and treatment of lameness and performance issues. His passion has always been focused on helping owners and horses maximize their athletic performance potential.

Prior to graduation from University of Illinois Veterinary School, Dr. Revenaugh worked as a medical graduate student researching and publishing on myocardial efficiency on humans at the (University of Frieberg, Germany 1986-1987). Then, after deciding to pursue vet medicine, he spent summers training and competing horses with Eventing icon Bruce Davison. These experiences were formative in the athletic-centered philosophy of treating and managing the equine athletic.

Dr. Revenaugh was trained under renown equine veterinarians, Dr. Kent Allen, Dr. Haines Stevens and Dr. Brenden Furlong. He has worked as an official US team vet for the Driving, Eventing and Jumping disciples beginning in 1997. Most recently, Dr. Revenaugh was lead veterinarian of the USEF Eventing squad at the 2014 equestrian games in Normandy. Dr. Revenaugh is also the founder of the USEF High Performance Sports Medicine Group, which brings together veterinary and human medical professionals to continue to improve equine athletic health. This group has investigated the most current techniques in physical therapy, regenerative medical training and conditioning, Biotech innovations and injury prevention. He has been a public speaker nationally and internationally on the topics of equine sports medicine. He contributes to the American Association of Equine Practitioners Ethics and Performance Task Committees. Has also been on the USEF Veterinary Advisory Board, as well as the USEF Drugs and Medication committee.

Dr. Mark Revenaugh

Owner, Northwest Equine Performance (NWEP)

Dr. Mark Revenaugh is the owner of Northwest Equine Performance (NWEP). He is a renowned expert in the diagnosis and treatment of lameness and performance issues, attracting clients from all over the northwest. His fascination with equine medicine and competitive performance began long before opening his specialty clinic in the Oregon. Though he studied riding under eventing icon Bruce Davidson, and spent several years in human medical research, his passion was always focused on helping owners and horses maximize their performance potential. He pursued that passion at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, graduating in 1991. Dr. Revenaugh worked with some of the leading sport horse veterinarians in the world, including Dr. Kent Allen, Dr. Haynes Stevens, and Dr. Brendon Furlong. During this time, Dr. Revenaugh authored the first license for use of scintigraphy (bone scan) in the state of New Jersey in 1996. In 1997, Dr. Revenaugh took his first trip as official USET Team Veterinarian, traveling to Germany for a pairs Driving World Championship. Dr. Revenaugh has been honored to serve as a Team Veterinarian or Assistant Team Veterinarian since that time. Duties have included selecting, treating and advising elite level professionals in the equine industry, maintaining health and maximizing performance.