Thank you for joining us in Atlanta for our 2013 Conference with TERMIS


We would like to congratulate our award winners:

Poster winners:

  • Timo Nazari-Shafti and Ivone G. Bruno (shared 1st authors) for the abstract entitled ‘Rapid and efficient preparation of equine regenerative cells from umbilical cord matrix using a semi-automated process’.
  • Lynn B. Williams for the abstract entitled ‘Effect of needle size on MSC viability following injection through various needle diameters’.
  • Russ Peterson for the abstract entitled ‘Safety and effectiveness of allogeneic fetal derived stem cells (fdSCs-Celavet) in equine tendon and ligament injuries’

Oral abstract winners:

  • Kaitlin Clark for the abstract entitled ‘The influence of culture condition on equine MSC proliferation, surface phenotype and immune function’
  • Aimee Colbath for the abstract entitled ‘The influence of simulated shipping on viability and growth factor release by bone marrow and umbilical-derived mesenchymal stem cells’.
  • Amanda Jo Joswig for the abstract entitled ‘Response to sternebral bone marrow aspiration in equine patients’.