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Hawaii volcano live

Officials with the Hawaiin Volcano Observatory have observed increased levels of volcanic activity at the Kilauea Volcano, located in Hawaii on the Island of Hawaii (Big Island), as of early Sept. 11. The observatory has reported that Kilauea began erupting at around 15:15 Sept. 10 and multiple lava fountains are active within the eastern portion of Halema’uma’u crater floor and parts of the summit caldera. The eruption is reportedly confined to the Halema’uma’u crater and authorities have stated that there is currently no threat from the eruption to downslope communities; however, Hawaii Emergency Management has warned that volcanic particles and gases emitted from the volcano could create breathing problems for exposed communities.


At this time, we do not anticipate any disruption to our planned conference in Kona, Hawaii. Confirm flights if the eruptive episode continues. The Air Quality Index near Kailua-Koma, Hawaii is Good (23) at this time (Monday 9.11.23 in the PM), but please monitor Air Quality Index and carry masks or face coverings and observe other precautions as needed.