Poster: Rafael Senos

  Development of a safer calvaria critical-sized defect model in rats using piezoelectric surgery   [um_loggedin show_lock=yes]Authors: Rafael Senos; Kurt D Hankenson Affiliations: University of Michigan – Department of Orthopaedic Surgery Introduction: Critical-size bone defects in rats are used to study bone regeneration in skull and long bone. For decades, trephines have been used to […]

Poster: Ramon- Rivera-Barreno

  Commercially Available Acellular Desiccant and Morselized Liquid Amnion Accelerate Bone Regeneration in Rams without Adverse Clinical Effects   [um_loggedin show_lock=yes]Authors: Ramon- Rivera-Barreno1, Moises Barcelo-Fimbres2, E. Bustamante-Montana1, Carlos A. Rodriquez-Alarcon1, Diana M. Beristain-Ruiz1, A. Hernandez-Perez1, Laurel Schnabel3, Andrew Krieger4, Bruce Werber5, Tony Rocconi6, Brandon T. Ames2, Eric Chow7 Affiliations: 1 Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez, […]

Poster: Candace Flynn

  Serial imaging and arthroscopy provides evidence that intra-articular cell therapy changes the trajectory of osteoarthritis   [um_loggedin show_lock=yes]Authors: Flynn C, Hurtig M. Jeong SY* Affiliations: University of Guelph, University of Toronto, *Medipost LLC, Seoul, Korea Introduction: Difficulty in staging osteoarthritis (OA) progression requires long expensive studies. In this study we show that non-invasive assessment […]

Poster: Pablo Espinosa Mur

  Desmitis of the collateral ligament of the distal interpahlangeal joint in horses: regenerative medicine techniques and outcome   [um_loggedin show_lock=yes]Authors: Pablo Espinosa Mur, Mathieu Spriet, Hannah T. Jarvis, Rodrigo Roca, Dori L. Borjesson, Larry D. Galuppo Affiliations: University of California. School of Veterinary Medicine, Davis. Introduction: Desmitis of the collateral ligaments of the distal […]

Poster: Maryam Moshref

  Naturally occurring diabetes mellitus in dogs as a translational model for iPSC based therapies   [um_loggedin show_lock=yes]Authors: Maryam Moshref, Maria Questa, Veronica Lopez, Robert Jimenez, Chen Gilor and Amir Kol Affiliations: School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California, Davis Introduction: Dogs suffer from spontaneous Diabetes Mellitus (DM) that mirrors certain clinical-pathologic aspects of type […]

Poster: Suzanne Mund

  Novel Identification of mRNA of the Inflammation-associated Proteins CXCL8, CXCR2, CXCL10, CXCR3, and β-Arrestin-2 in Equine Wounded Cutaneous Tissue after Intravenous CB-MSC therapy: a Preliminary Study   [um_loggedin show_lock=yes]Authors: Suzanne J. K. Mund (1), Charlotte Corbett (1), Daniel J. MacPhee (2), John Campbell (1), Ali Honaramooz (2), Bruce Wobeser (3), Spencer M.Barber (1) Affiliations: […]

Poster: Elizabeth Metcalf

  The responsiveness of mares with chronic degenerative endometritis to platelet-rich plasma infusion based on severity of degenerative changes   [um_loggedin show_lock=yes]Authors: Elizabeth S. Metcalf MS DVM DACT 2. Mats Troedsson DVM, PhD, DACT, DECAR 3. Elizabeth M Woodward, PhD Affiliations: 1.Honahlee, PC, Sherwood, OR 97140; Assistant Professor, OB/GYN Andrology Division, Oregon Health Science and […]

Poster: Stéphane Maddens

  Safety and clinical efficacy of a single intra-articular injection of allogeneic neonatal mesenchymal stem cells for the treatment of osteoarthritis in dogs   [um_loggedin show_lock=yes]Authors: téphane Maddens1 (, Niels Gomez2 (, Marine Febre1 (, Thibaut Cachon2,3 (, Nathalie Saulnier1 (, Paul Pillard2 (, Eric Viguier2,3 ( Affiliations: (1)Vetbiobank SAS, France (2)Small Animal Surgery, VetAgro […]

Poster: Lauren Schnabel

  Oral reserpine administration in horses results in low plasma concentrations that alter platelet biology   [um_loggedin show_lock=yes]Authors: Jessica M. Gilbertie (1,2), Jennifer L. Davis (3), Gigi S. Davidson (4), Amanda M. McDonald (4), Jenna M. Schirmer (1), Lauren V. Schnabel (1,2) Affiliations: (1) Department of Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, North Carolina State […]

Poster: Isé François

  Mesenchymal Stem Cell transplantation under endoscopic guidance into the spinal cord of healthy adult horses undergoing cervical vertebral interbody fusion   [um_loggedin show_lock=yes]Authors: Lepage OM (1), François I (1), Carpenter E (2), Desjardins I (1), Grant B (3) Affiliations: (1) University of Lyon, VetAgro Sup, Veterinary Campus, ICE-GREMERES Lyon Equine Research Center, France, (2) […]